Eat Your Cake

As a spiritual adviser I have been bombarded with questions about the Mayan calendar, about the end of the world and about the economy to name a few. When this happens I sometimes feel like a flower child of the sixties asking myself ‘Did I not live through this once’. When meditating I was given the following guidance. Did I get this guidance recently? No. I received in the sixties for you see I was one of those flower children. I put the advice into action and have had a rich and full life ever since. I share this guidance with you so you too may have the same.

A time of great potential strength and change for humans is available as the universe aligns and adjusts itself. Abundance on all levels is becoming readily obtainable, as part of that universe, to those of you who align and adjust with it.

Some of you are prepared and patiently waiting with open arms to receive. However there are many of you who still think that you are not “lucky” and therefore are doomed to be without. People “luck has nothing to do with your earthly illusion.

Like a playwright, you are writing your own script. Claim your creative license and create what scenario you would like the star of your play, YOU, to perform.

This sounds too simple, you say. It is simple if you start believing that you have been given the power to have whatever you desire by the Universal Creator.

We offer the following guidance to help you claim that power. The first step in aligning yourself for more abundance is to meditate and at a deep level decide what you want in your life in order to feel abundant. Is it more money, a loving companion, good health…what? Guess what…you can have it all. There are no limits.

Now that you know what you want to create, ask your higher self to gather the resources or ingredients. You will find all the ingredients for your abundance recipe in that silent place within you. Let’s call it your spiritual supermarket. Once your have selected your bag of new ingredients, hand them over to your ego with the recipe. He is the part of you who will make your abundance cake. Make room in your kitchen for the new by clearing the useless clutter.

Any food is of little use as a nutrient unless it is eaten or consumed, so arrange a celebration for you and eat the cake. If there is more than enough to fill you, share some of it with those who will also celebrate your abundance.

Your supermarket is open 24-hours a day, make your kitchen ready to prepare and bake that cake of abundance. Then let the cooking begin and Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!