About The Thunderbirds Cover

My painting called “The Journey Home” inspired the cover for the newly released book, Beneath and Beyond: The Thunderbirds. This was not the original painting choice, but when the time came to submit a picture for the cover to the publisher, this one mysteriously surfaced. I painted it about 15 years ago…before I came to Arizona and long before I wrote the book. Strange forces at work.

The painting tells a story which parallels the stories in the book. It is my belief after studying many myths and legends that the feathers of birds worn by ancient indigenous people was a tribute to the craft flown by the tall white beings who came from another universe to help the people on Earth. Notice the tiny figures ascending who inspired my naming the painting “The Journey Home”, which could also parallel the Native American event called “The Long Walk”, explained in the book. As you read the book occasionally glance at the cover and feel the story as though watching a movie.