Beneath and Beyond: The Thunderbirds has been published!

An uplifting saga of mystery and magic.

Murder, abuse and mayhem ravage the Navajo reservation where Tashi, Althea and Morning Star (human ambassadors for aliens from one of the Hidden Cities on Earth) are sent to change the course of self-destruction for the Native Americans.

Is black magic the cause of the havoc? Handsome Navajo detective George Trueeyes, who is more than he appears to be, doesn’t think so.

This Southwest-flavored adventure is so thought-provoking and enlightening that you won’t be able to put it down. Beneath and Beyond: The Thunderbirds is loaded with surprises and startling twists that pull you in and refuse to let go.

Although this book is fiction, it was inspired by Claudette’s experiences with Native Americans in the Southwest. It is a sequel to Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City.

Claudette Cleveland is a writer and artist who lives close to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. She has visited the Navaho reservation many times, worked with Native Americans, and studied their myths and legends.

The Beneath and Beyond books are available now from major online retailers in both print and e-book formats with details available on the How to Buy page.

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    I cannot wait to read your book.

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