The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair in which I participated during April was both “bloody” informative and “bloody” FUN. One very interesting observation was the huge interest many other countries have in improving the literacy and creativity of their citizens. Such countries as Russia, Slovia, Nigeria, China and the list goes on are investing a lot of time and money toward this cause.

Being an American author and artist, it prompted me to look at my own country in order to see what we are doing to encourage art, creative reading and writing in our young people (I don’t mean merely text messaging). Let me put it this way, we could do a lot more.

Every opportunity I get, I talk to people, young and old alike, to stimulate them to express themselves creatively; to get in touch with their right brains (their higher selves). Write a book, paint a picture, write and sing a song and enjoy the creative endeavors of others for through this you are sharing passion and love. I am interested in what the rest of you are doing to raise the vibrations of we “earthlings”, so please take this opportunity to share with us.