Positive Changes

Is the earth changing? Sure is. Has it always been in a state of change? Sure has. So how does all this fear talk of global warming, the 2012 phenomena, world monetary depression, etc. affect you on a personal level. History shows us that “fear talk” is a great way to gain control and power over people. There’s a simple solution in order to assure your personal happiness. Don’t buy into it. I’ll admit easier said than done but not impossible.

Those of you who have read my book “Beneath and Beyond” remember that in the myth when the earth was in an upheaval of change and Lemuria gradually sunk, the people adapted to the change and migrated to “higher” ground. Those who refused to change and move on ceased to exist. The same scenario is true today. Without change there is no growth and without growth things die.

Since so many of you have asked for our insights and advice during these transitional times, here it is. Follow your intuition (your true essence) and become deaf to the “fear talk.” Move to “higher” ground physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually.