A Miracle: Claim Your “Supernatural Power”

Dictionary definition of a miracle: an effect in the physical world which surpasses all known human or natural powers and is therefore ascribed to a supernatural agency.

What would you say if I told you that everyone can do “miracles.” Many of you know this already and are performing what is defined as miracles daily, but the majority of people in the world think that this is humanly impossible. (Other than getting good parking spaces!)

I want to share a recent experience with a friend of mine. My friend recently changed jobs and moved across country leaving behind a condo that needed to be rented or sold. It had sat there for months with little or no interest, the property manager giving the excuse that the economy was bad and nothing was moving. My friend in the mean time while paying two mortgages, letting fear take over.

Over the holidays while visiting me I suggested that we do some energy work, both on her and on the condo. While I was remote viewing her condo, I noticed that one room was dark with negative energy. I proceeded to clear it with a white tornado of high vibration. She later told me that her cat had died in that room only weeks before she moved.

We did some “miracle” energy work on her and the condo. Twenty-four hours later the condo was rented and the check was in her bank.

There are many “miracle” stories out there and we need to share them with the world, so let’s hear them. Comment below and share. Remember, like promotes like, so help me help you to raise the vibration of the world. Be a human ambassador for what Tashi and the tall white beings in my book call “The Spirit of Lemuria.”