The Story Behind Althea

Althea appeared in my life a long time ago as a spirit guide. She has worked with me for quite a number of years helping me through one transition after another. Her guidance through the years has been invaluable, stern but kind. When deciding on a name for my main female character, she seemed a natural choice.

Althea’s personality is patterned after a number of people I have known. For example, at one time I had many clients in the Chicago area. Some of them had family situations similar to Althea’s in the book.

Her experience in Mexico was my experience. By the way the murderer at the top of the sun pyramid came to me (drove 100 miles) for a past life regression. During the hypnotherapy session, he started crying because he saw himself killing me on that pyramid those many decades ago. I had never met the man before nor have I seen him since. I guess our karma is finished.

Althea’s insecurities in relationships could be typical of any twenty year old. As Althea’s character develops so does her self-confidence. In the sequel to the Hidden City, Althea’s character shows an inner strength that is not apparent in the first book.

I would greatly appreciate your questions and comments on the characters in the book and how you saw them.