Where’s the Hidden City?

Many of you who have read my book Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City have asked “where is the hidden city?” Even though the book is a work of fiction, many of the descriptions are taken from real life.

Just for fun, we decided to throw it out to you. Where do you think the “Hidden City” is located? Tell us your opinion of its location in the comments section. Also let us know if any of you have been there.

3 comments on “Where’s the Hidden City?

  1. Pam Van Winkle says:

    Not sure of the exact location, but it is at the bottom of the ocean

  2. Dennis Polisano says:

    I think it is located through a portal in the Sedona area.

  3. Linda Addington says:

    I think it is anywhere your mind takes you when you think about peace and harmony and complete spiritually. Linda

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