About The Hidden City Cover

The cover for Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City was taken from a painting by Claudette. The being in the painting is one that she encountered while visiting Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca in Peru. When the being made its presence, the most soothing music could be heard.

Here is a poetic message from her Fly With Me book:

Who are these foreigners in their spaceships
They have no mouths or even lips
Their eyes are bright, a radiant blue
Of what world are they a crew
A gentle lot, but so big and strong
They never tell me if I’m right or wrong
Why have they come here, I constantly ask
Their only reply “For a Divine Task”
Why are we taught to fear these souls, so kind
Is it just the unknown that warps our mind
They tell me they are here to help dispel fear
But only when we ask, they are not to interfere
They seem so familiar, have I known them before
I believe it was when to another dimension, I found a door