Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City – Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Book

A remote village nestled in the Himalayan Mountains of today’s Tibet, far removed from global influences. People live simply and share generational stories about their origins from Lemuria, an extinct continent in the Pacific. Tashi is bewildered but not fearful when he encounters the tall white beings with mesmerizing cobalt blue eyes and six fingers that are described in his mother’s stories.

Although being on Earth since the beginning, these gentle beings did not originate from Earth and are far more spiritually and technically advanced than humans. They guide Tashi into their Hidden City to share with him their way of life that provides for a healthy planet where greed and power are shunned.

Tashi meets others like him, including his future wife, and they are educated in the highly complex ways of these beings including learning the ability to become invisible when exposed to danger. The students become human ambassadors of the extra-terrestrials and position themselves throughout the planet to once again resurrect the peaceful teachings of Lemuria. These visitors from other universes were here before but failed to unite the earth’s people to embrace the harmonious ways. Hope now rests on the success of the newly trained ambassadors. The earth’s existence may depend on it.

6 comments on “Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City – Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Book

  1. Denise Dyer says:

    I have taken many of Claudette’s classes, read her poetry, heard
    her speak and after reading the synopsis, I know the new book
    will be riveting…..I can’t wait!!
    Denise Dyer

  2. Priscilla Jones says:

    Claudette has the ability to touch others with her positive energy and spirit. I’ve participated in numerous classes given by Claudette and have benefited immensely from her gift. After reading the sneak peak to her upcoming book, I can’t wait to read on. All I can say is “More, Please”!

  3. CJ KIdd says:

    I look forward to reading your work which I know will be filled with wonder and awe. Your creative mind is an inspiration to each of us. I am anxiously awaiting my copy of Beneath and Beyond.
    CJ Kidd

  4. Charlie Kidd says:

    I’m certain that you’ve woven a great narrative from the fabric of your teachings and the wisdom gained from your extensive travels. I look forward to the joy of the story.

  5. I cannot wait to read this! So excited you have started a website!

  6. Nick says:

    Very intriguing… Looking forward to the book!

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