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The Haunting The Haunting is the fifth book in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. Head over to Amazon this weekend to get your complimentary copy.

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Even though the characters develop throughout the series, each book stands on its own and they can be enjoyed in any order.

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Newly Released: Never Ending

Never Ending

Never Ending

For a year I have lived with Sara Connolly and became very close to her. We traveled together from Chicago to Denver to the mountains of Georgia to Puerto Vallarta to an insane asylum in Pueblo, Colorado to Boston to the Cayman Islands to a ranch in Wyoming and finally to Arizona. I will miss my friend but it is time to move on. So, after completing and publishing the latest book in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series, titled Never Ending, I am starting a new series and a new adventure. Enjoy Sara’s last hurrah and of course let me hear how you like it and the rest of her epic stories.

Never Ending is available now on Amazon.

The entire Sara Connolly Mystery Series is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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New Sara Connolly Mysteries Promotion

sara-books-8 Beginning on December 24th and every four days afterward another book in the Sara Connolly Mystery will be on sale starting with the The Reunion, the first in the series. Check out Amazon to see which book is on special and download it.

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Newly Released: The Ranch

The Ranch

The Ranch

Many years ago I stayed at a dude ranch in Wyoming. Being there made me feel as though I was traveling back in history. We rode horses and saw the workings of a true ranch. The Wyoming landscape was breathtaking with the rolling pastures and snowcapped mountains. A grouping of cottonwoods and aspens by a crystal cold stream added to the setting.

By placing Sara’s adventure in Wyoming, I was able to revisit my memories of that experience in those wide open spaces and the town that is every ranch hand’s gathering place. Of course back then no one around me was arrested for murder nor was anyone shooting at us, but that’s the fun of writing a ‘who done it’ fictional story.

The Ranch is available now on Amazon.

The entire Sara Connolly Mystery Series is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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What’s a Novella?

Sara Connolly Mysteries The word and concept, novella, dates back to the time of the Italian Renaissance so it is not new. Nowadays, it is a common consensus that the various literary labels for fictional written works be defined by the word count rather than the page numbers. Whereas a novel is considered by most to be 60,000 to 100,000 words, a novella is considered to be 17,500 to 40,000 words.

The novella in current times has experienced a surge in popularity among readers due primarily to the demand for electronic books. It is perfect for the electronic format as well as for people’s busy schedules. Often a novella can be read in one or two sittings.

As an author I’m asked, “Is it easier to write a novella than a novel?” My answer is no. In a novella, because of the limited word count, every word is important to fulfill the required elements that a novel must have. Character development, action, twists and turns, adversaries and conclusions must be all there, but in fewer words.

One point of contention that I have with some novellas … and I have read a lot of them … is that the conclusions to the stories are weak or nonexistent. Often the author will end their novella with ‘to find out what happens, buy my next book’. I feel cheated when I have invested my time and money in the book and it’s incomplete. Needless to say I don’t buy the next book.

When I started the Sara Connolly Mystery novella series, I wanted to make sure of three things. One: that people know what they are buying … a novella. Two: that each book is a complete book in itself. Three: although each book may have some common characters, they do not have to be read in a certain order. After just completing the eighth book in the series, I can honestly say that all three points of my criteria has been met each novella.

Newly Released: The Ceremony

The Ceremony cover

The Ceremony

Sara and Denise’s life altering, first hand experiences in the mystical world of the Voodoo religion and its ritualistic and sensual ceremonies make for a pretty steamy book. They find out that loving and expressing themselves freely can set your spirit free.

Many of the rituals and details of the ceremony are fictional, but are based on some known facts. It’s a fun to read book that is layered with thought provoking messages that will touch you at a deep level. The setting is exotic, the characters are exotic and the action is nearly erotic.

So go on this Caribbean adventure with Sara and then share your thoughts here on this website or in a review on Amazon.

You can get your copy of this latest installment of the Sara Connolly Mystery Series on Amazon. This title is available through the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library programs.

FREE BOOK: The Resort

The Resort

The Resort

Even though I have traveled all over the world, a favorite place for me to go to for some pampering R&R has always been Puerto Vallarta. When some friends who were getting married and I traveled down there, it dawned on me that it was the perfect setting for a Sara Connolly mystery. With the sea serenading me, I began writing.

The descriptions of the food, the activities and the scenery are very close to factual. The close calls with death because of unsavory criminals and torturous drug cartel are all quite real in that area, however in all the years of visiting there, I’m happy to say that I’ve never encountered any.

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