The Commune

Is It Possible?

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place where love is the only dogma? Where abuse, rape and other horrific acts are non existent? Where everyone feels their worth coveris something special? Where creativity, imagination and free thinking are encouraged? Where being different is a good thing? Where the only person you need to please is yourself?

In this book, The Commune, a man created such a place as a refuge for victims of some of society’s most heinous crimes. The book is fictional but the characters are based on true stories.

Perpetrators who prey on young girls whether they are priests or clergymen … whether they are politicians, heads of companies or famous people … whether they are dad, grandpa, uncle or cousin, need to atone for their actions.

A commune on an island separated by a moat of sea is not the answer but it is a start. Could the ultimate commune be a commune of the entire tribe called the human race? We can hope.

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Weep with Joy

We are faced with many challenges during our lives. I’ve always tried to look at them as positive building blocks that helps me to build strength of character. I discovered that the trials and tribulations that I had faced growing up were nothing compared to the hundreds of women whose stories that I listened to as a therapist.

sunsetOne night my sleep was filled with dreams and messages. I was being told to tell what these women had experienced. Their stories made me weep with sadness and their brave healing made me weep with admiration and joy. As children they had been physically and sexually abused by relatives, priests, clergymen, doctors, important men in the community … the list goes on. Even after decades my clients’ pain was still very close to the surface.

As my nightly messages guided me to do, I took their stories and made them the experiences of the characters in some of my fictional books. Their healing from such atrocities is nothing short of miraculous and is an integral part of them. My goal through telling their story is also to help all people to become aware that this abuse is not some thirteen year old’s imagination. Through awareness and understanding, we can stop this disease by punishing the pedophiles and abusers no matter who they are. Only by cutting out and destroying these cancer cells of society will we be able to evolve as enlightened humans.

Their stories also have a brighter side … their healing. As was the case with many of my clients, the characters in The Commune used those early challenges to develop into brave, strong, well adjusted women with a great sense of humor. Many are now making huge positive contributions to society.

Just as a side note. Where I had my therapy business, they indicted nineteen priests for pedophilia and rape.

The Commune is the first book to be published with this theme. There will be a new one published monthly.

The Commune is available now on Amazon.

The book The Commune is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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Happy New Year

to believe that 2015 has come to an end and 2016 is beginning. It was a very creative year and I can thank you for being such supportive muses. You bought my books and even read them. You wrote flattering reviews. You called me with ideas for new characters and new storylines. Some of those however I was told might get me sued HaHa. We have laughed together, a lot and cried together.

jasmineI am truly excited about 2016. Starting in January I will be releasing books that are quite different than what I have written before. These stories are taken from the many women who were clients of mine when I practiced hypnotherapy. Their stories are tragic, but their healing and how they turned the abuse into a positive was inspiring.

Starting in January download the first of these books called The Commune. I need and appreciate you and your feedback so keep the emails, texts and letters coming.

May your 2016 be the greatest yet for all of you!

The Mystical Marvels Mysteries Collection

coverTravel with the 70s girls musical group, The Mystical Marvels, as they become involved in defying cases in Illinois, Arizona and Colorado. Download this special 3 book boxed edition, The Mystical Marvels Collection and receive a discount.

The talented, passionate, smart and funny Mystical Marvels are a musical group who made it big-time in the early seventies when they were only teenagers. Now they’re semi-retired, but are still very popular when they do an occasional charity event. They fill their spare time helping their niece Erin with her new PI business, although their unorthodox methods often result in chaos and stress for her.

This collection includes:

The Deadly Doctors: Doctors are dying and Erin has been hired to find out who and why this is happening in their hometown in northern Illinois. Her aunt’s, the Marvels, past connection with the mafia and FBI plays a deadly role in the investigation.

The Last Note: The frigid weather of the north sends the Marvels to a resort in sunny Arizona. While helping a young songwriter break into the music business, they are pulled into dealing with gangsters, thugs and even an international arms dealer. Even while their lives are threatened, their sense of humor stays in tack.

Life Altering Events: At a quiet lodge in the Colorado Rockies, while teaching a workshop to budding musical groups, the Marvels witness a shooting and are dragged into its investigation. Now widows, they are unexpectedly faced with dormant emotions when they are swept off their feet with romance. They are faced with a quandary of whether to jump in or stay on the sidelines.


Life Altering Events

Life Altering Events

Life Altering Events

Newly released, action-filled Mystical Marvels Mystery titled Life Altering Events is a story woven with a myriad of blueprints for handling the many changes we constantly face. Right now, in our world, everything is moving at warp speed. Opportunities are presenting themselves to us from all sides. Like a kid in a candy store we want to try them all, resulting in our feeling frustratingly overloaded. The characters in this book show us through their thinking and actions methods of accepting the deluge of changes happening in our lives.

Life Altering Events is a light hearted story with lots of humor. It is an uplifting, fun read which at the same time shows us how wise it is to follow the following mantra: ‘if it ain’t fun don’t do it or if it’s something you want to do, MAKE IT FUN’.

Life Altering Events is available now on Amazon.

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The Last Note Free Promotion

The Last Note

The Last Note

Ever sit outside in the woods, by the ocean or by a lake and hear music, sometimes singing? If you have, you have crossed into another dimension. The songwriter in my book, The Last Note, did just that. His work touched people deeply. The Mystical Marvels, a legendary musical group from the 70’s, recognized his soul piercing talent and consented to perform his latest work. Things heat up when an internationally-known gangster wants his compositions and makes it clear that he is not beyond killing for them.

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Deadly Doctors Free Promotion

Deadly Doctors

Deadly Doctors

Does the suave, smooth talking doctor you have an appointment with really have a medical degree or is the clinic he works from really only a clinic? The Mystical Marvels, a semi-retired girl’s musical group from the 70’s help their P.I. niece investigate the reason why doctors are suddenly dying in their small town.

Enjoy their sometimes humorous adventures on their quest for the answers in the book Deadly Doctors which can be downloaded for a limited time FREE at Amazon.