Signing at the Author’s Forum

Sponsored by the Cottonwood Public Library

Internationally known author Claudette Cleveland will be signing her books at the 2014 Author’s Forum. This second annual Author’s Forum will be held on Saturday, August 23 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Cottonwood Parks and Recreation Center at 150 S. Sixth Street, Cottonwood, AZ.

Claudette will be signing books, which include her Beneath and Beyond Trilogy: The Hidden City, The Thunderbirds, and El Diablo. In order to introduce her newest series, she will read from the Sara Connolly Mysteries: The Reunion, You Again, The Gifted, The Resort, and The Haunting.

All her books are available at most online retailers.

Workshop on Karmic Return

You Again cover

You Again by Claudette Cleveland

As Althea experiences in the Beneath and Beyond Trilogy and Sara Connolly in the You Again book of the Sara Connolly Mystery Series, this workshop will help you understand why a past life experience or ‘karmic return’ can have a positive impact in your present life.

The all day workshop will be held Saturday, July 19th from 10am-4pm in Cottonwood, AZ.

For more information contact Claudette by email:

The Resort

The Resort by Claudette Cleveland

The Resort by Claudette Cleveland

The Resort, the fourth novella in the Sara Connolly Mystery series, has just been published!

For a sneak preview, here’s the first chapter:

“I’m coming for you.” The whispering voice resonated through her body sending a chill from her feet to her head.

She could feel drops of a warm sticky liquid trickling down her neck like tears on a cheek. What was he waiting for? Get it over with, she thought. Should she fight or had he finally won.

“No,” she heard herself say out loud as she wiggled in his arm that was tightly holding her. “You can’t have me without a fight.” She threw her elbow back and her foot stomped on the instep of his foot. He held tight and laughed.

“Nice try, Sara. In some ways I hate to kill you. You’re the kind of woman I could almost admire,” he whispered in her ear causing her to pull her head away from his mouth.

“My husband will hunt you down.”

“I look forward to it. Then he can join you in hell.”

Sara twisted and turned as the flow of blood from her neck grew. “Matt …” she whispered. Then she was still. It was over.

“Sara … Sara wake up. You’re having another dream,” Matt said as he pulled her into his arms and rocked her. Tears were running down her face and onto her neck and shoulders. “It’s okay honey. I’ll protect you. We won’t let him near you.” He squeezed her tighter and gently wiped away her tears. “I’ll hold you while you go to sleep.”

The Resort is available in eBook format on Amazon, Google Play, Smashwords, and other online retailers for a wide variety of devices including Kindle, iPad, and Android.

Are You Gifted?

The Gifted by Claudette Cleveland

The Gifted by Claudette Cleveland

Of course you are as is everyone. Some of you have gifts that are stilled buried under society’s judgmental blankets creating what we call fear. In the book The Gifted, the main character, Sara Connolly brings out the concept that everyone is gifted and everyone is psychic and everyone is a healer. It’s just that some are not afraid to use these gifts.

It’s a proven fact that those who channel a higher vibrational energy use more than 10% of their brain so why wouldn’t everyone want to be smarter? Fear folks. Fear of the unknown.

All the things that Sara does in my books, I have done as has many of my friends and students. In my world we create ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ everyday.

Share with us the miracles of your life to help others dispel of their fears.

Book Signing in Old Town Cottonwood

Fandango's owner Sonya Carter shown with a customer

Fandango’s owner Sonya Carter with a customer

Claudette will be signing her Beneath and Beyond Trilogy including the newly released, El Diablo which takes outside of Mexico City. She will also be announcing the newest in her novella series, The Sara Connolly Mysteries.

WHEN: Saturday, May 3, 2014 starting around 10am

WHERE: Fandango’s
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1037 N. Main Cottonwood AZ
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Meet Sara Connolly

The Reunion Sara Connolly, a perky green-eyed young woman, is a psychic who is a consultant for the Chicago PD on their more heinous cases, such as murder and kidnapping. Read about her current case in the novella called The Reunion by Claudette Cleveland, the first in the Sara Connolly Mystery series.

While attending her high school reunion, she is called in by the police to help find one of her classmates who had been abducted. Enjoy the hair-raising adventure as she psychically leads the police to the culprits responsible for not only threats to her classmate and her life, but also those who may be responsible for a biological threat to the world.

The Reunion is available in electronic book format only. It can be purchased today for 99¢ at Amazon, Google Play and Smashwords for a variety of ebook readers and tablets. It will be available in more bookstores soon.